Measuring Impact

Measure to deliver on full impact and return potential

Trill Impact’s investors and other stakeholders want to know what positive difference their capital and efforts are making. Measuring impact helps us in our effort to determine the most efficient and effective force for positive societal change.

Measuring impact performance is an essential ingredient in Trill Impact's investment and ownership approach

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    Investing with intention

    • Trill Impact invests with intention which means that impact logic and evidence are assessed early in the investment process as part of the investment case. Draft actions and KPIs are used to pressure test the potential impact outcome of an investment.
    • Draft impact and ESG KPIs are typically signed-off by portfolio company management prior to signing and finalized as part of the onboarding process, generally within 6-12 months.
    • Together with management, Trill Impact sets company-specific Impact and ESG KPIs and targets.

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    • Impact Investing is defined as investing into companies and organizations with the intent to contribute to measurable positive social or environmental impact alongside financial returns.
    • Impact KPIs are measuring how and how much the company’s business benefits society, more specifically in Trill Impact’s case, the SDGs and related regional or local targets.
    • ESG KPIs consider how a company manages its own environmental, social, and governance practices throughout its value chain.

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    Company specific KPIs

    Each portfolio company selects KPIs in an effort to empower the customer and other stakeholders. The KPIs focus on key priorities - what is relevant for the company to implement or improve to become an impact leader.

    Impact KPIs and targets will always be unique for each company, as each business is different. We seek to tailor ESG KPIs and targets to each company based on materiality, but Trill Impact also recognizes three areas where we see a gap in most companies; green house gas emissions; diversity; and lack of a formal process for tracking of business ethics. Trill Impact's goal is to address these areas by formulating relevant KPIs and targets in each company.

    Trill Impact's portfolio companies are offered extensive support to facilitate impact and ESG reporting.

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    Public frameworks

    We use the following public frameworks where applicable in Trill Impact’s assessment and reporting processes:

    Impact: Impact Management Project, Operating Principles for Impact Management, IRIS+ metrics catalogue, green/sustainability-bond reporting recommendations and other sector/industry and national specific standards and measurement initiatives.

    ESG: UN Principles for Responsible Investment, UN PRI, including Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosure recommendations, SASB, UN Global Compact and GRI.

ESG targets across the Trill Impact Fund

Trill Impact’s ESG targets across portfolio companies are aimed to be aligned in three areas which makes it possible to also state fund targets:

  • % GHG reduction according to Science-based targets approach
    Target defined according to the Science Based Targets Initiative methodology and latest climate science
    Reference: » Science-based targets

  • Gender index rating improved as defined by the SHE Index
    Target ≥60 index-points in five years
    Reference: » SHE Index

  • Implement or reconfirm an ambitious Code of Conduct.
    Ensure and measure that the entire organization is acting according to the high standards.
    Target ≥80% within five years
    Reference: » UN Global Compact


Impact and ESG reports

PRI signatory

Trill Impact AB is a signatory of the PRI principles since 2019 and has submitted reports both in 2020 and 2021, ahead of the mandatory reporting. The reports are available upon request. Below is a summary of the progress related to the Six PRI Principles.


Operating Principles for Impact Management

Trill Impact AB is a signatory of the Operating Principles for Impact Management since 2020 and has provided a Disclosure Statement for 2020.


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