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Addressing the environmental and health challenges of tomorrow

We believe positive change happens through invested capital combined with innovation. We are passionate about technologies that address a clear gap in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)s, either by transforming or enabling an industry’s impact at scale, where impact contribution can be proven and measured. 

Venture capital will, in our view, play a vital role in the development of innovative solutions that address the world’s key challenges. That is why this investment strategy focuses on early-stage companies addressing the environmental and health challenges of tomorrow, while seeking real returns and lasting impact. 

Let's embark on this journey together!

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner looking to create a successful venture while making a positive impact?

Look no further than Trill Impact. As a close and active partner to our portfolio companies, we embark on a journey to accelerate profitable growth and unlock each company's full impact potential.

As a member of our Impact House, your company will gain access to relevant competencies, connections, and capital, all supported by Trill Impact's renowned impact culture - a combination of heart and mind.

Our mission is to build responsible impact leaders who can make a difference in the world while driving business success.

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Investment themes

All Trill Impact’s investment strategies focus on the impact themes and the key megatrends we believe have the potential of continued impact on both business and society. 

Within this framework, Impact Ventures focuses on three specific investment themes:

TI (116)

Green Tech

Technology companies within clean energy, smart mobility, circularity, advanced materials and sustainable industry that ensure our planet’s long-term sustainability by protecting its environment and increasing society’s resilience to climate change.


Life Science

Therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics, digital health, medical devices and food tech, also focusing on market segments and geographies historically overlooked or lacking access to innovative products, with the ultimate goal of contributing towards better health for all.

VC (22)

Impact Enablers

Disruptive technologies that enable impact at scale across all sectors, either through digitalization or industrial efficiencies that reduce emissions, resource consumption, waste or costs.

Team to scale world-class companies

Developing a start-up into a world-class company is no small task. Therefore, our investment advisory team has backgrounds in science, finance, operations as well as impact & ESG. 

Supported by the wider Trill Impact platform and an extended external expert network, we apply a hands-on approach to value creation.

Meet the team

Portfolio companies

Within Impact Ventures, we back the transformative technologies needed to achieve the SDGs and we are convinced that these solutions are the next breed of market winners in the making. As an active owner and in close cooperation with the management teams and boards, we partner with some of Europe’s best entrepreneurs and embark on a journey to scale the business, often with a global ambition.

The following portfolio company investments have been made to date. They are all companies we believe have the potential to generate impact at scale:

Meet our portfolio companies

IMPACT approach

With our highly experienced professionals, our proprietary toolbox and professional networks we are here to serve as an active partner along our portfolio companies’ growth journeys. Trill Impact’s approach for impact investing life cycle management is applied in each of our investment strategies. 

Hover on each of the letters below to explore how Impact Ventures seeks to bring additionality to the table as a minority investor in growing start-ups:


Identify growing start-ups’ potential to address societal challenges, and their contribution to the SDGs. Impact must be at the heart of the target companies’ business model and the investment must fit with our theory of change.


Perform an in-depth analysis of the company’s potential for scaling impact and ESG maturity, through Trill Impact’s proprietary Impact Rating Model. Investment thesis based on a company’s prospect of reaching its full scale-up potential.


Partner with founders, management teams, other venture capital investors to align on an indicative Value Creation Impact Plan. Trill Impact Ventures serves as one of the key ‘Impact voices’ at the table in any investment.


Active board work, tailored support, and expertise to support entrepreneurs accelerate impact performance and value creation. Providing support in accessing other private or public sector funded capital to accelerate the scale-up journey.


Contribute with competence, connections, capital and Trill Impact’s strong impact culture. Trill Impact Ventures to bring credibility and reliability to the management teams.


Consider how the impact mission can be further developed and accelerated with new ownership at exit assessing the impact progress against targeted impact outcomes.

Idea generation Investment Ownership

Theory of Change

The Theory of Change model is part of the IMPACT approach above and covers the Ideate phase. Before investing, we confirm the investment fit with our theory of change. 

Below, learn more about how the Theory of Change is applied within Impact Ventures to test the investment's impact delivery process before investing:


Resources provided


  • Equity
  • Attractive  impact- and ESG-linked financing 

Culture, connections and competence

  • Purpose-driven strategy and culture 
  • Dedicated team to support value creating impact acceleration 
  • Extensive network - deep industry expertise


Activities to drive outcomes

Support scale-up and growth

  • R&D and product development
  • Organic growth/M&A and partnerships
  • Geographic expansion
  • Adjacent segments

Impact acceleration and responsible operations

  • Business model with impact intention - mission, vision, targets
  • Strategic impact and ESG management


Positive output generated by the companies

 Some examples:

  • Energy saved
  • Patients reached
  • Health improved
  • Unnecessary use of antibiotic reduced
  • Resources repurposed
  • Biodiversity protected
  • Economic value created


Positive impact proposition to people and society

 Some examples:

  • Lives saved
  • Improved health
  • Reduced antimicrobial resistance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Circular economy
  • Smart mobility
  • Sustainable housing


Impact objective

Portfolio companies equipped to accelerate positive impact long term related to the following themes:

  • Sustainable planet
  • Healthy people
  • Secure society


Impact Rating Model

This due diligence model is part of the IMPACT approach above and covers the Materialize phase, in which the investment’s impact potential is systematically assessed and measured. 

The model is based on Impact Management Project's (IMP) five dimensions of impact, integrated with Trill Impact’s own rating approach. Through this assessment we can at a very early step categorize each investment according to the IMP’s impact classifications; benefit stakeholders or contribute to solutions.

All venture investments must meet the five dimensions of impact:

The five dimensions

  • What?  Business model with the intention to address environmental or health challenges of tomorrow.
  • Who? Benefit underserved populations or the planet.
  • How much? Reach measurable and scalable impact to drive meaningful results. Maximizing volumes, effectiveness, and lasting positive impact related to people and society.
  • Contribution? Amplify impact through best practice, competence, connections, capital, and purpose-driven culture.
  • Risks? Assess, monitor, and manage risks effectively to improve the likelihood of successful impact outcomes without sacrificing financial returns.

Managing, measuring and reporting

Impact Ventures has integrated impact measurement and management throughout the entire investment process above. This helps us to determine the most efficient and effective force for positive environmental and societal change and is made possible based on our highly specialized impact & ESG expertise.

Trill Impact’s approach to targeting, managing and measuring impact and ESG within Impact Ventures builds upon the approach outlined for Impact Private Equity:

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