Impact investing

With our differentiating perspective on returns, we target improvements in both the financial returns of the investment as well as the impact it generates, aiming to accelerate this positive change.


Three impact themes

Trill Impact's overarching impact themes form the foundation for our Impact House and all investment strategies. These three themes, supported by key megatrends, address the ambitions stated by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

We seek to invest in businesses with the potential to deliver environmental and social impact, while generating competitive financial returns. We focus on measurable impact potential, related to prioritized issues for the planet and society and with underserved target groups, where the target business can contribute one or several of the SDGs.


Sustainable planet

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Healthy people


Resilient society

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Impact themes

Sustainable planet, Healthy people, and a Secure society are the overarching themes in Trill Impact’s investment strategy


Sustainable planet


Healthy people


Resilient society


The needs stated in the 17 SDGs tend to overlap with global megatrends, highlighting industries with strong commercial tailwinds

Resource effiency & circularity

Clean & efficient energy

Sustainable food & ecosystems

Health & wellbeing


Inclusion & equality

Resilient & sustainable communities

Good governance & security


Trill Impact's three overarching themes address all of the 17 SDGs

No. of investments

Impact Private Equity

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Impact Ventures


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