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Private investments can make a major difference

We live in a world that faces major social and environmental challenges.
More than ten percent of the world’s population still suffers from extreme poverty while climate change threatens the safety and well-being of all our communities, economies, and natural heritage. To tackle the world’s challenges, huge investments are needed; public sector capital and charity alone cannot cover those investment needs. The world needs significant capital from the private sector. 

There are also reasons, however, to be optimistic about the future.
The sustainability revolution has already started, with compelling megatrends acting as driving forces towards a more sustainable planet. Consumers in developed countries are actively seeking ways to promote sustainability through lifestyle decisions. In response, driven by this customer demand, companies have started to embed ESG strategies in their business operations. In addition, governments worldwide are mobilizing efforts towards Agenda 2030 and the SDGs by implementing new regulations and action plans.

Trill Impact supports the positive changes that are already underway,
by seeking investments that will have a continued positive impact on businesses and society alongside attractive financial returns.  

By focusing on creating Real Returns and Lasting Impact, I hope that Trill Impact will inspire and influence others to invest for a more sustainable future. 

Creative thinkers, join our impact journey!

About Jan

Trill Impact's founder, Jan Ståhlberg, is personally committed to contributing his experience and resources to make the world a better place. He has a long-standing career in private markets investment and has held senior investing- and leadership positions in Europe, US and Asia since 1995.

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