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Hannah Larby shares how her interest and passion for making the world a better place, drew her to Impact Investing and Trill Impact.


What makes working at Trill Impact unique?

What I like about Trill Impact is that there is a very scientific, impact-first approach to the investments Trill Impact makes with a dedicated team of impact experts challenging us in the investment advisory team on every new proposal. Trill Impact is less about doing cool tech stuff or things that are hyped for the moment and more about achieving real impact in businesses that can significantly influence our environment and people’s well-being in a positive way. We have fairly intense discussions about the impact of the investments and how to measure it both in investment committee meetings, deal team meetings, as well as around the lunch table.
What makes us different is that we are working with a very structured approach detailing what issues are most pressing in each market where Trill Impact is active, identifying segments or groups that are underserved, and working very closely with Trill Impact’s portfolio companies to make a difference in addressing those issues. I think we are setting very high standards for ourselves both in terms of what companies Trill Impact decides to pursue and setting targets for the impact we want to achieve.

What made you transition to impact investing and Trill Impact?

My passion has always been how to make our planet a better and more efficient place. When I was younger, I was politically engaged and interested in educational and equality questions, but I felt like I didn’t have enough knowledge to tackle fiscal policy questions. To broaden my knowledge around those topics, I decided to pursue a degree in Business & Economics, which also spurred an interest in business and investing. When I graduated, I started my career as a management consultant which allowed me to further develop my business and investing acumen. However, both in my education and going into working life I was missing the focus and contribution to societal and planetary issues.
Before I joined Trill Impact I was working in the US, and there Impact funds started to pop up more and more. When I first heard about Trill Impact I felt like it was a golden opportunity to combine my interest in making the world a better place and utilizing my business and investing skill sets. It has proved to be a great choice so far!

Hannah is an Investment Manager focusing on private equity. Before joining Trill Impact, she was a Project Leader in the Private Equity & Principal Investors group at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in New York and Stockholm. Her other experience includes internships in the investment team at Altor Equity Partners and investment banking division at  Goldman Sachs, London.

Hannah has a B.Sc., Business & Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics.

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