Impact Private Equity

What we do

We are convinced that impact investing creates societal benefits and generates superior financial returns. By collaborating with like-minded investors and portfolio companies, we aim to address the needs stated in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Trill Impact closed its first private equity fund in July 2021, the strategy targets majority ownership in mid-sized businesses in the Nordics, DACH and Benelux regions with annual sales of EUR 15-300 million.

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The team

Trill Impact's team of experienced investment advisory professionals leverage the wider Trill Impact platform. At our disposal, we have six impact & ESG experts together with a number of dedicated senior advisors and external industry specialists. 

Together, we are on a mission to deliver real returns and lasting impact by building impact leaders – businesses and people.

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Portfolio companies

We are thrilled to present our already impactful and value creating portfolio companies. Together with management and dedicated experts, we embark on journeys, contributing with competence, connections, capital and our unique Trill Impact culture aiming to reach each company’s full value and impact potential.

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Why impact investing?

Private markets have a vital role in achieving the SDGs and have the potential to drive positive change at scale and speed.

Trill Impact's purpose is to become a thought leader and force for positive change through impact investments, addressing societal needs. We seek to leverage market opportunities and innovations to deliver attractive returns and a positive impact on people and the planet.


How we make it happen

Our Toolbox

Our insight into best practices from more than a hundred companies has been gathered in our Returns with Impact Toolbox. We seek to tailor initiatives specific to each  company and situation.

SOURCE to WIN - We intentionally source, invest and manage companies with the potential to deliver financial and impact returns. Our aim is to understand each company's characteristics, market, customers and culture and how Trill Impact can contribute with competence, connections and capital.

MANAGE to SUCCEED - Together with management, we embark on a journey to accelerate growth and impact. Our areas of expertise range from M&A, geographic expansion, service acceleration and implementing operational levers that strengthen and expand businesses – with impact as an integral part of each lever of the value creation agenda.

MEASURE to IMPROVE - We actively track and facilitate progress to improve impact and financial outcomes by setting, measuring and managing relevant KPIs and targets.

TEAM to LAST - We have built a team, culture and processes specially tailored to create Real Returns and Lasting Impact. We  bring together experienced, purpose-driven investment advisory professionals with impact and sustainability experts and a seasoned expert network.

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Trill Impact's investment and ownership process

Our proprietary IMPACT approach, a step-by-step process from sourcing to divesture, is intended to identify, assess and accelerate value and impact creation in businesses. Click to explore our process and journey ambition.



Identify and assess a target company's potential to address societal challenges, guided by the SDGs, with the aim to grow and develop its business.



Perform an in-depth analysis of a target company’s potential for value creation, impact and ESG performance. Analyze how we can support growth, returns, and impact seeking to ensure the company reaches its full potential.



Partner with management to develop and agree on an indicative Value Creation Impact Plan which includes preliminary KPIs for impact and ESG.



Support management in finalizing the Value creation Impact plan. Meeting the impact and ESG targets will be linked to management’s incentives and typically to discounted financing interest rates.



Collaborative approach throughout the ownership phase, providing support, tools, and expertise to accelerate, measure, and communicate impact and value creation.



Consider how the impact mission can be further developed with new ownership. Assess and analyze the impact generated against the targets.

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