TT medic

TT medic is a MedTech development and manufacturing partner for high-quality polymer components.


At a glance

Year of investment: 2024
Revenues 2023: EURm 30.5
Number of employees 2023: 188
CEO: Kurt Philipp Helletzgruber
Board: Christoph Trentini, Dr. Meinrad Lugan, Christoph Lenze, Korbinian KnoblachSteffen Schulze

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Business description

TT medic operates in precision medical injection molding, specializing as a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) in clean room processing of high-quality polymer components. 

The company caters to several indications, including minimally invasive surgery, wound care, surgical sealants, drug delivery and ophthalmology, contributing to patient safety and improved medical outcomes across critical therapeutic areas.

“We are excited to join forces with Trill Impact, as they have the abilities to support our continuous journey towards growing our businesses – aiming at scaling our positive impact” 

- Kurt Helletzgruber, CEO of TT medic

Return with impact investment rationale

Trill Impact sees significant potential in supporting the growth journey of TT medic by further strengthening the core of the business and continuing to expand and diversify the customer base through new product developments and a tailored buy and build strategy. Key impact and investment attractions, in Trill Impact’s view, include:

  • TT medic’s position as an integrated partner of its global OEM customers, often acknowledged as part of the product development team.
  • Diversified high-value end-markets with sustainable, non-cyclical growth driven by increasing regulation and the growing demand for procedures that reduce the risk for complications and hospital resource utilization (e.g. minimal invasive surgeries)
  • Strong management and high-quality management capabilities
  • Opportunity to consolidate a highly fragmented market in which consolidation offers multiple arbitrage and strategic value, such as further (i) customer diversification, (ii) cross-selling potential and (iii) complementary capabilities that further increase the impact contribution in underserved functionalities and treatment areas.

TT medic's solution

TI (115)

Social/Environmental challenge

TT medic’s products aim to contribute to patient safety and improved medical outcomes in critical surgeries and complex treatments. The concrete contribution varies by product, e.g., plastic blades reduce contamination risks and enable safe intubations, while ophthalmic handpieces improve precision in eye surgeries.

TT medic’s offering from development and (re)design to manufacturing and regulatory services allows for product innovation and improvements in healthcare.


SDG Contribution

SDG 3.8: Achieve universal health coverage, access to quality essential health-care services and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all.

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