Open Cosmos

A leading space tech company that collects and analyzes satellite data to solve pressing global challenges.


At a glance

Year of investment: 2023
Sector: Satellite manufacturing and data services
Stage: Growth/Late-Stage
Headquarters: United Kingdom
CEO: Rafel Jorda Siquier

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Business description

Open Cosmos is a leading space tech company that collects and analyzes satellite data to solve pressing global challenges such as climate change, humanitarian disasters, and resource management. The company operates constellations of multi-sensor satellites where data capacity is shared among customers, and a software platform where customers can access case-specific AI applications from a network of integrated analytics partners.

"Since launch, we’ve viewed Open Cosmos as more than a space tech company; we are agents of change, harnessing the power of satellite data to drive meaningful impact on Earth.”

- Rafel Jorda Siquier, CEO and Founder of Open Cosmos

Open Cosmos' solution

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Social/Environmental challenge

The world faces pressing challenges: accelerated climate change and societal issues. Wildlife populations have declined 69% from 1970 to 20181, 226 million people are affected by natural disasters annually1, and the demand for food, energy and water are expected to increase by 50%, 45% and 30% by 20302, respectively.

These are symptoms that illustrate the impact of human activities, which satellites are positioned to monitor and address by providing actionable information and tracking progress towards solving issues that affect people, wildlife and our planet, contributing to the SDGs.



SDG Contribution

By providing accelerated access to satellite data, Open Cosmos is enabling impact at scale. Their data is crucial in various sectors and efforts addressing multiple SDGs, primarily 13, 14 and 15, and has the capability and aim to accelerate transformation related to the following critical areas:

SDG 2, 14, 15 - Agriculture and Biodiversity
Potential Contribution: Enhancing biodiversity preservation and optimizing agritech solutions.

SDG 11, 13, 15 - Forestry
Potential Contribution: Monitoring carbon stock, deforestation, degradation, and validating carbon offsetting practices.

SDG 6, 14 - Fisheries & Aquaculture
Potential Contribution: Providing insights into salinity, temperature, and water quality to enhance fisheries & aquaculture outputs and monitor overfishing/compliance. 

SDG 1, 11, 15 - Emergency Response Management and Humanitarian Aid
Potential Contribution: Utilizing live satellite information during natural disasters to delineate emergency routes, strategize disaster response, and conduct post-event/damage analysis. 

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