Developing a maternal vaccine against Group B Streptococcus


At a glance

At a glance
Year of investment: 2022
Sector: Vaccines
Stage: Clinical development
Headquarters: Denmark
CEO: Per Fischer
Trill Impact board representative: Bita Sehat


Business description

MinervaX is a Danish biotech company developing a maternal vaccine to prevent life-threatening infections in newborns. The vaccine seeks to avoid Group B streptococcus (“GBS”) bacteria responsible for infant deaths, stillbirths, and severe disabilities in children globally. 

MinervaX's solution

TI (115)

Social/Environmental challenge

GBS bacteria the leading cause of life-threatening bacterial infection in newborns, causing infant mortality and stillbirth as well as severe pregnancy complications for the mother

Disproportionately affects low- and middle-income countries

Increasing AMR: Prophylactic antibiotics treatment offered to women at risk, driving antimicrobial resistance


SDG Contribution

SDG #3.1 – Reduce maternal mortality 
Potential contribution: Reduce preventable deaths caused by GBS infection in pregnant mothers

SDG # 3.2: End all preventable deaths under 5 years of age 
Potential contribution: Reduce preventable deaths caused by GBS infection in newborns

SDG #3.3 – Fighting communicable diseases
Potential contribution: Reduction of GBS infections and combating antimicrobial resistance

SDG #3.b – support R&D, and universal access to affordable vaccines and medicines
Potential contribution: Affordable vaccine that allows for global distribution through established procurement and distribution mechanisms

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