Market-leading software company to drive digitalization of healthcare, improve treatment quality, patient safety and access to care


At a glance

Year of investment: 2021
Revenues 2022: 45m EUR
Number of FTEs 2022: c. 370
CEO: Holger Cordes
Board: Nicolas Schobinger , Max Schaber, Prof. Dr. Gerd Walz, Kristian Klosterkemper & Steffen Schulze

Mesalvo logo

Business description

Trill Impact established Mesalvo through a strategic merger of Meona and i-SOLUTIONS in an effort to establish a market-leading software player to drive digitalization of healthcare providers and to improve treatment quality, patient safety and access to care.

Mesalvo develops software solutions for hospitals and healthcare institutions of various sizes, helping them automate processes and improve their operations to improve care and increase the practitioner’s time with actual patient treatment. While Germany is currently the main market, Mesalvo also has a presence in Belgium, Norway, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Its offering includes clinical as well as administrative solutions for hospitals, radiologist and laboratories.

“With Trill Impact, we have found an owner who shares our vision and entrepreneurial spirit. Looking ahead, we want to combine our strength in innovation with the experience and product range of i-SOLUTIONS. This will help make us the market-leading software provider in the healthcare sector. We are confident that our customers will benefit enormously from this partnership."

- Dr. Tobias Schäfer, medical doctor and co-founder of Meona 

Return with investment rationale

This proprietary merger situation was created by Trill Impact to combine Meona’s clinical software with i-SOLUTIONS’ administration-focused software suite and seeks to take advantage of an attractive market driven by mega-trends.

  • As a leading player in its field, the group will be well positioned to generate significant growth, leveraging the complementary strengths of the two businesses.
  • Meona contributes its market-leading clinical software that supports the work processes and requirements of modern clinical practices. Meona’s solutions focus on improving the efficiency in medical digital infrastructure of mid- to large-sized hospitals (including university clinics) in continental Europe.
  • i-SOLUTIONS, reputed for its holistic approach, contributes its specialized, highly reliable and customized software (including workflow and patient management software solutions) for hospitals, radiology practices and laboratories.
  • The combined group’s offering helps to modernize a digitally underserved healthcare system in continental Europe, improves patient safety and quality of care, and contributes to a resilient and resource-efficient healthcare infrastructure for the digital future.

Mesalvo's solution

Mesalvo contributes to modernize a digitally underserved healthcare infrastructure and thus, improves patient safety (e.g., through avoided deaths from false medication) as well as the quality & efficiency of care in hospitals.

As such, Mesalvo touched approximately 4.1m patients until 2022 to improve their health outcomes.

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Social/Environmental challenge

In Germany, each year around 400-800K avoidable adverse events (2-4% of patients) and 20K avoidable deaths occur due to medical errors such as wrong medication.

Therefore, improving digital health is needed to enable continuity and quality of care, improved patient safety and high quality treatment for patients. Currently, Germany lags behind in digital health (place 16/17 among OECD countries) with low adoption of hospital-wide electronic medical records.


SDG Contributon

SDG 3.3: Reduce other communicable diseases

SDG 3.4: Reduce premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment

SDG 9.1: Develop quality, reliable and resilient infrastructure, to support human well-being

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