Delivery Associates

Delivery Associates works with ambitious governments across the globe to deliver real results for their residents and citizens that have a lasting impact


At a glance

Year of investment: 2022
Revenues GBPm 2022: 35.5
Number of FTEs 2022: ~210
CEO: Nick Rodriguez
Advisory Council: Korbinian Knoblach, Hetal Damani, Sir Michael Barber, Nick Rodriguez, Denise Todd, Sarah Buhayar & Katrin Suder


Business description

Delivery Associates is a global public sector consulting firm founded by Sir Michael Barber, previous advisor to former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Delivery Associates works with ambitious governments across the globe to deliver real results for their residents and citizens that have a lasting impact. With long-standing experience and expert staff guiding their work, Delivery Associates has delivered impact in areas ranging from education reform in the US to microfinance in South America to agricultural reform in Africa and the Middle East.

“The partnership between Delivery Associates and Trill Impact represents an exciting next step in Delivery Associates’ development as we enter our second decade as an organisation. Trill Impact’s alignment with our mission, approach, and ultimate focus on delivering real and lasting impact makes them great partners for us as they completely share our values. We believe that Trill Impact will be able to support Delivery Associates’ ambition to grow and partner with more Governments and leaders around the world who want to improve how they deliver for their citizens and we are very motivated about the opportunities ahead together. In the meantime, we expect that the same high-quality advice and service we are currently providing for our many different clients around the world will continue as we all seek to improve the lives of people across the world.”

- Sir Michael Barber, founder and Chairman of the Board

Return with Impact investment rationale

Trill Impact sees significant potential in joining forces with Delivery Associates to further scale their impact globally. Key impact and investment attractions, in Trill Impact’s view, include:

  • Attractive end markets with sustainable growth driven by increasing philanthropic and government spending on development aid; both segments strongly driven by an increase in spending on implementation consulting
  • Strong company-wide contribution to SDG 17.16 (enhance global partnership for sustainable development) and contribution across several other SDGs through the project work
  • Highly experienced and committed management team, with backgrounds from top consulting companies and governments, that is looking to further professionalize and grow the business
  • Value-creation potential in further strengthening and professionalizing the support functions to drive sustainable scaling, growing and diversifying of the existing customer base and building up adjacent business lines

Delivery Associates’ solution

Humanitarian stakeholders are increasingly concerned about the impacts of current and emerging global sustainability challenges (i.e., climate change, energy security, health pandemics, education, etc.). Delivery Associates tackles those challenges together with governmental and non-governmental organizations and philanthropies through their project work across the globe. As a trusted partner, Delivery Associates has successfully helped their clients to reach impact delivery targets such as 22% reduction of childhood anaemia in Peru, 91% primary school attendance in Pakistan and 74 million metric tons of GHG reductions in the US.

TI (115)

Social/Environmental challenge

Impact of current and emerging global sustainability challenges, e.g.,

  • Health pandemics: Up to 60m deaths from any influenza pandemic
  • Education: 13% analphabetism globally (among >15 years old)
  • Climate change: Leading to disappearance of territory & livelihood
  • Energy security: 50% increase in energy demand by 2050
  • Food crisis: >1bn people worldwide suffering from hunger

SDG contribution

Company-wide contribution to SDG #17.16: Enhance the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

Project-wide contribution to most pressing challenges addressing multiple SDGs, e.g.:

SDG #3.6: By 2030, halve the number of global deaths from road traffic accidents
SDG #6.1: By 2030, achieve universal & equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all
SDG #13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

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