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At a glance

Year of investment: 2021
Revenues 2021: 44m EUR
Number of FTEs 2021: 364
Chief Innovation Officer and Founder : Dr. Tobias Schäfer
Board: to be announced


Market-leading software company to drive digitalization of healthcare, improve treatment quality, patient safety and access to care

Trill Impact facilitated a strategic merger of Meona and i-SOLUTIONS in an effort to establish a market-leading software player to drive digitalization of healthcare providers and to improve treatment quality, patient safety and access to care.


Founded in 2008 by the current management team, including two doctors from the well-regarded Freiburg University Clinic, Meona is today a market-leading clinical software provider for medical documentation, workflow and patient management. The company focuses on improving the efficiency in medical digital infrastructure for its customer base of mid- to large-sized hospitals in continental Europe.

With products designed to improve patient safety and quality of care, Meona offers a comprehensive clinical software suite that covers the entire patient journey. Aimed at supporting doctors and nurses at their key “pressure points” during a work shift, the product modules support emergency room workflows, medication management and nursing documentation, as well as vital and ambulatory parameters tracking and quality control.

Meona has grown both organically and via acquisitions in recent years and has developed strong relationships to the large teaching (university) hospitals in Germany, with the result that the majority of these hospitals have implemented the Meona software suite. The company is headquartered in Freiburg where it employs around 100 people.  While Germany is currently the main market, Meona also has a presence in Belgium, Norway, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.



Originating from the late 1980s, i-SOLUTIONS is a specialized German company offering workflow and patient management software for small- to mid-sized hospitals, digital imaging facilities and laboratories with tailormade requirements.

i-SOLUTIONS is headquartered in Mannheim and runs five additional office locations in Germany, employing around 210 people. Complementing Meona’s product range, i-SOLUTIONS offers a more administration-focused software suite to healthcare institutions. The company thereby contributes the efficiency of care across hospitals and adjacent healthcare institutions like laboratories and imaging centers through the following:

  • Hospital Information System (HIS): Solution for hospitals, to automate and monitor all relevant procedures (from patient registration to invoicing)
  • Radiology Information System (RIS): Information & management platform for workflow integration in radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy
  • Laboratory Management System (LIS): Modular workflow system for laboratories (e.g., transfer of results to referring physicians, sample tracking, and cost monitoring)


Return with Impact investment rationale

This proprietary merger situation was created by Trill Impact to combine Meona’s clinical software with i-SOLUTIONS’ administration-focused software suite and seeks to take advantage of an attractive market driven by mega-trends.

Key impact and investment attractions include:

By combining the two companies, Trill Impact enables Meona and i-SOLUTIONS to offer their customers an unparalleled, one-stop-shop solution for clinical and administrative medical software.

  • As a leading player in its field, the group will be well positioned to generate significant growth, leveraging the complementary strengths of the two businesses.
  • Meona will contribute its market-leading clinical software that supports the work processes and requirements of modern clinical practices. Its products include specialized solutions for medication and data management not only for the emergency room, but also for other critical medical workflows in normal and intensive care wards. 
  • Meona’s solutions focus on improving the efficiency in medical digital infrastructure of mid- to large-sized hospitals (including university clinics) in continental Europe, while i-SOLUTIONS, reputed for its holistic approach, will provide its specialized, highly reliable and customized software (including workflow and patient management software solutions) for hospitals, radiology practices and laboratories.
  • The combined group’s offering will help modernize a digitally underserved healthcare system in continental Europe, improve patient safety and quality of care, and contribute to a resilient and resource-efficient healthcare infrastructure for the digital future.
  • The group intends to use its strong market position to support the digitalization efforts of its customers as well as the ambitions of all other stakeholders. The importance of the digitalization of healthcare providers is widely acknowledged and supported by several public initiatives. The group is also open to partner with others who share its vision to drive innovation in digital healthcare.

Dr. Tobias Schäfer, medical doctor and CEO: “With Trill Impact, we have found an owner who shares our vision and entrepreneurial spirit. Looking ahead, we want to combine our strength in innovation with the experience and product range of i-SOLUTIONS. This will help make us the market-leading software provider in the healthcare sector. We are confident that our customers will benefit enormously from this partnership."

Societal solution

The purpose of the combined Meona and i-SOLUTIONS software solution is to improve the quality and efficacy of healthcare, and to address the issue of patient safety in hospitals. 

Meona and i-SOLUTIONS are a driving force for digitization of health care providers, providing the infrastructure and clinical applications for improved health outcomes.

  • 1 Problems

    Societal challenge

    Quality and efficacy of healthcare are at risk with a high number of avoidable adverse events and avoidable deaths occurring in German hospitals every year.

    German hospitals lag in digital health, contributing to the lack of continuity of care and coordinated care for patients.

  • 1 SDG

    SDG Contributon

    SDG #3.4  Reduce premature mortality from diseases through prevention and treatment

    SDG #9.1  Develop quality, reliable and resilient infrastructure, to support human well-being 

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