Trill Impact has attracted a diverse team of high caliber professionals who share our drive for making the world a better place


Executive Management
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Senior Advisors
  • Read about Meenakshi Ambardar
    Meenakshi Ambardar General Counsel and Compliance Officer
  • Read about Viktor Andersson
    Viktor Andersson Head of Microfinance
  • Read about Inga-Lill Carlberg
    Inga-Lill Carlberg Chief Operating Officer
  • Read about Franziska Decker
    Franziska Decker Executive Assistant, German team
  • Read about Samuel Dischinger
    Samuel Dischinger Associate
  • Read about Therese Flygare
    Therese Flygare Operations Analyst
  • Read about Chloe Fu
    Chloe Fu Analyst
  • Read about Ole Gillebo
    Ole Gillebo Director
  • Read about Andreas Hedlund
    Andreas Hedlund Chief Financial Officer
  • Read about Pia Irell
    Pia Irell Impact Partner
  • Read about Lena Jeppsson
    Lena Jeppsson Finance Director
  • Read about Samir Kamal
    Samir Kamal Senior Advisor
  • Read about Hedy Kamras
    Hedy Kamras Operations Associate
  • Read about Annemari Kirppu
    Annemari Kirppu Associate
  • Read about Kristian Klosterkemper
    Kristian Klosterkemper Senior Director
  • Read about Korbinian Knoblach
    Korbinian Knoblach Partner
  • Read about Hannah Larby
    Hannah Larby Investment Manager
  • Read about Johanna Levander
    Johanna Levander Head of Investor Relations
  • Read about Johan Lundén
    Johan Lundén Senior Director
  • Read about Ludvig Lundsten
    Ludvig Lundsten Investment Manager
  • Read about Isabelle Pilgrim
    Isabelle Pilgrim Associate
  • Read about Nina Rawal
    Nina Rawal Partner
  • Read about Åsa Reuterswärd
    Åsa Reuterswärd Receptionist
  • Read about Jan Ståhlberg
    Jan Ståhlberg Founder & Managing Partner
  • Read about Linus Wang
    Linus Wang Associate