About Us

Ambition to be a global leader in impact private equity

Through our investment and active ownership approach, we believe that we are geared to become a global leader in impact private equity. 

We have a proprietary and fully integrated impact management and measurement system with clear targets upfront and accelerated lasting sustainable value creation.

Our close collaboration with Nordea includes access to one of Europe’s most prominent teams in responsible investment analysis.

In short, our ambition is to become the “go-to” private equity impact firm for investors, businesses and talent - and to be a thought leader in impact private equity, setting new standards in the investment community.



We are an impact private equity firm led by a highly experienced team of private equity professionals who have designed a proprietary Trill IMPACT Model. With this competence and approach, we are convinced that we can create attractive financial returns that go hand-in-hand with social and environmental impact.

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