Meet our founder

The world and the future cannot wait!

The next economic revolution is already under way

We are faced with a future that is threatened by the impact of climate change, conflicts and social injustice.  With the novel COVID-19 virus, the entire world, both from a personal and commercial perspective, is also facing uncertainty and turbulence. We are mindful of the human impact and are committed to prioritizing the well-being of our staff, business partners and community.  All these challenges need solutions and we have many opportunities to improve the world in a broad perspective.

I truly believe that the most fundamental shift in human history has begun. And this revolution bears the name sustainability. It is a revolution that will affect everyone and everything on the planet, influencing the way people and governments act, industries function and businesses behave. And one that touches every aspect of life: energy, transport, food systems, population growth, healthcare, education and data management.

Seismic change is chaotic to the unprepared. But in uncertain times, one puts faith in those that have navigated such waters in the past. Trill Impact, in partnership with Nordea, is that navigator.

For me, it is clear that capitalism will play a crucial role in making our economies more sustainable. Travelling in Africa as a young man, I saw first-hand how government intervention and foreign aid failed to produce sustainable economic growth. After almost 24 years at EQT, I am convinced that free markets in general, and private equity in particular, have an important role to play in this transformation.

As a private equity firm, Trill Impact aims to deliver attractive returns by investing in companies positioned to benefit from global megatrends, while actively measuring, managing and improving sustainability in each business. Our investment advisory team’s extensive experience, together with an integrated approach to impact investing, will make this happen.

Trill Impact offers a unique opportunity for investors to contribute to a sustainable world. Join us!

Jan Ståhlberg
Founder and Managing Partner of Trill Impact Advisory AB