Toolbox for Return on Impact

Proprietary toolbox and a unique culture

Trill Impact was founded to be a thought leader and force for positive change, aiming for Real Returns and Lasting Impact. From a practical perspective, this means that our strategy, processes and culture are designed to help address societal and environmental challenges in our markets. To seek efficient and successful operation we leverage our Return on Impact Toolbox, including what we consider best practice cases, tools and professional networks, combined with our impact mindset.

The Toolbox consists of four dimensions and we seek to create tailored solutions for each company and situation.

As a business owner...

  • How do you win your customers with a compelling impact value proposition
  • How do you manage your operation most efficiently and sustainably?
  • How do you track your business to improve?
  • How do you recruit and retain the best team? Is an impactful strategy and a responsible owner critical when competing for talents?

The Toolbox is constantly evolving to include the latest know-how of the Trill Impact team and our network.

Toolbox 4

Trill Impact's Toolbox for Return on Impact

  • Source


    Trill Impact aims to source to win through a deep understanding of each company’s uniqueness and how Trill Impact can contribute with competence, connections, capital, and how our impact culture can help position the targeted company. 

    An integrated impact and value-creating roadmap is developed before signing to align interests on how to accelerate growth and returns by creating a positive societal impact.

  • compass2


    Together with portfolio company management, Trill Impact embarks on a journey to accelerate growth, returns, and impact.

    Our areas of expertise range from M&As, geographic expansion, service acceleration to all typical operational levers that strengthen and expand businesses with impact as an integral part of the value creation plan.

    The Toolbox is built on gained experience from more than 100 companies, an extensive professional network, best practice know-how, clear governance, and dedicated impact expertise.

  • measure7


    Trill Impact actively tracks and facilitate progress to improve impact and financial outcomes by setting, measuring, and managing, relevant KPIs and targets for key stakeholders. We aim to measure what is relevant to improve the business.

    • Trill Impact’s investors and other stakeholders want to know the positive difference their money and efforts make.
    • Measuring impact helps in our effort to determine the most efficient and effective force for change.
    • With extensive support from dedicated impact experts, we use globally recognized Impact and ESG frameworks integrated with our proprietary approach to assess, measure, and report Impact and ESG progress.
    • Trill Impact aims to provide each portfolio company with hands-on support to facilitate impact and ESG reporting if needed.
  • team4

    TEAM to LAST

    The Trill Impact team and its processes are intended to deliver Return on Impact. Impact becomes an integrated part of each portfolio company's values and mindset, if not already embedded.

    Trill Impact goal is to promote best practices and ignite an impact performance culture within each portfolio company.

    Examples of impact progress markers in companies:

    • Investments and positioning to attract and retain customers, talents, and leaders of tomorrow
    • Impact and ESG performance incentives
    • Employee and customer survey to track the progress

    Impact embedded in Trill Impact's culture and processes: 

    • Seeking top talent with a passion for impact investing
    • Access to extensive Impact and ESG expertise through a strategic partnership with Nordea
    • Impact and ESG performance incentives
    • Financing cost rebate linked to impact targets

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