Meet the Trill Impact Advisory team
Read about Jan Ståhlberg
Jan Ståhlberg Founder & Managing Partner
Read about Samir Kamal
Samir Kamal Partner
Read about Pia Irell
Pia Irell Impact Partner
Read about Inga-Lill Carlberg
Inga-Lill Carlberg Chief Operating Officer
Read about Kristian Klosterkemper
Kristian Klosterkemper Director
Read about Johan Lundén
Johan Lundén Director
Read about Linus Wang
Linus Wang Associate
Read about Hannah Larby
Hannah Larby Associate
Read about Chloe Fu
Chloe Fu Analyst
Read about Viktor Andersson
Viktor Andersson Head of Microfinance
Read about Meenakshi Ambardar
Meenakshi Ambardar General Counsel
Read about Andreas Hedlund
Andreas Hedlund CFO
Read about Marianne Waplan
Marianne Waplan Finance Director
Read about Hedy Kamras
Hedy Kamras Executive Assistant
Read about Johanna Levander
Johanna Levander

Trill Impact Advisory Network

Trill Impact will leverage the expertise of an IMPACT Advisory Network throughout the idea generation, sourcing, investment and ownership phase. 

Impact advisory network
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