Trill Impact contributes with insight to GIIN's latest research brief


Trill Impact is very proud to have contributed its insights to the Global Impact Investing Network new research brief, Institutional Asset Owners: Strategies for engaging with asset managers for impact! Building on the Institutional Asset Owner series, this research focuses on strategies asset owners can employ to better align with external asset managers to incorporate impact within their existing portfolios. Specifically, this research offers insights into existing practice and strategies institutional asset owners take to align with asset managers when managing impact performance.

“Trill Impact integrates impact requirements throughout its RFPs and private placement memoranda (PPM) to document impact formally and build alignment with its asset owners. Trill also codifies impact to establish accountability for incorporating impact metrics, including tonnes CO2 emissions avoided by customer, transition to green jobs, and number of clients reached, into its funder sourcing, investment structure design, and impact reporting. Trill has also tied impact to financing products in partnership with asset owners, including credit structures with rebates for achieving specified SBTs. Trill shares that its LPs have been able to incentivize impact outcomes by collaborating across these innovative models and codifying impact in its investment policy.” - According to GIIN’s research report

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