Technology-leading irrigation components manufacturer

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Year of investment: 2022
Revenues 2021: EUR 19.8m
Number of FTEs:63
Management: Arno Drechsel, Viktor Drechsel, Hugo Drechsel
Board: To be announced

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Since Komet’s founding in 1952, the second-generation family business has made its mark on resource-efficient agriculture as a global supplier of irrigation components. The company manufactures high-quality sprinklers, regulators, and big volume guns in its state-of-the-art production facility in Austria. 

With its established sales network, Komet serves local growers around the globe. Increased water efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and ultimately crop yield increases lie at the heart of Komet’s innovative product portfolio. The company’s management intends to scale Komet’s global presence together with Trill Impact.


Return with Impact investment rationale

Trill Impact sees significant potential in accelerating the growth journey of Komet by further accelerating its global presence with the aim to increase its market share, leveraging the company’s innovative product portfolio that increases water- and energy efficiency as well as crop yield. Key impact and investment attractions, in Trill Impact’s view, include:

  • Technology-leading Austrian irrigation components manufacturer with excellent margin profile and competitive advantages are given a superior product portfolio, cost-efficient / highly automized production and market access to key strategic agriculture markets.
  • Attractive market with sustainable long-term growth of c. 10%, driven by secular trends like water scarcity, growing population and the growing importance of food security. Limited cyclicality due to aftermarket exposure, the increasing shift towards efficiency in irrigation and the expansion of new irrigatable land.
  • Highly impactful product offering, enabling more sustainable agriculture.
  • Committed and diligent management team that is looking for a partner to professionalize the business and will remain as significant shareholders in the next growth journey.
  • Tangible value-creation levers beyond the professionalization of the business, including expansion of the international sales team, improvement of marketing approach, leverage of R&D pipeline and strategic M&A.

"My brothers and I are happy to have found a partner who shares our vision for efficient and sustainable agriculture and our values and supports our growth aspirations. We are looking forward to working together with Trill Impact to further leverage our strong positioning and grow in strategic agricultural markets and beyond”

- Arno Drechsel


Komets' societal solution

Komet provides critical components for water- and energy-efficient irrigation, directly contributing to more sustainable agriculture, which stands at 70% of global water use to date. Through the high effectiveness of its solutions, Komet also enables an increased crop yield that is required by a growing population.

  • Measure3

    Societal challenge

    Food supply is at risk. While the global population will likely grow from 7.5 billion to 10 billion people by 2050, water scarcity is expected to intensify as a result of climate change. Irrigation of agricultural crops comprises 70% of global water use and experts predict that water extraction to keep people fed will increase.

  • sdg dark

    Enables impact acceleration across the following SDG targets:

    SDG 2 zero hunger

    SDG 6 clear water

    SDG 7 clean energy

    SDG 13 climate action

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