Strategy & Approach

Private Equity strategy

Trill Impact’s mission is to deliver Real Returns and Lasting Impact for investors, businesses and society at large. We believe that impact investing creates societal benefits and generates superior financial returns.

Together with like-minded investors and portfolio companies, we address the needs stated in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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    Impact Private Equity strategy

    • Focus: Targeting attractive businesses with the potential to accelerate their contribution to the SDGs, from products and services or to become impact leaders in their respective industry from sustainable value chains.
    • Size and geography: Companies with annual sales of EUR 15-300 million based in the Nordics, DACH and Benelux region. 
    • Approach: Seeking ownership control with a collaborative approach.
    • Team: 45 professionals with extensive experience.

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    What we bring to the table

    Our goal is to combine the competitive advantage of each business with Trill Impact’s access to relevant Competence, Connections, Capital and our recognized impact Culture. We believe this holistic approach supports the acceleration of returns and impact.

    We are on a mission to deliver Real Returns and Lasting Impact by building impact leaders – businesses and people.

From investment sourcing to lasting impact

Trill Impact’s proprietary IMPACT approach outlined below, in our view, provides a robust process combining private equity and impact investing life cycle management to support all relevant parties throughout an investment – including boards, management, advisors and the investment advisory teams.

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Trill Impact identifies and assesses a target company's potential to address societal challenges, guided by the SDGs, with the aim to grow and develop the business.

 We see the following key questions:

  • Can the company’s offering (products and services) create a measurable positive impact on planet and people?
  • If not, can the company influence its industry through its value chain that creates a measurable positive impact?
  • Is the positive outcome related to one or several of the 17 SDGs in a local or global context?
  • Are the target stakeholders underserved?
  • Is there a serious known conflict with other SDGs that cannot be mitigated?



Trill Impact performs an in-depth analysis of a target company’s potential for value creation, impact and ESG performance. We analyze how we can support growth, returns and impact seeking to achieve the company's full potential.

Our areas of expertise range from M&A, geographic expansion, service acceleration to implementing all typical operational levers that strengthen and expand businesses with impact as an integral part of the value creation plan.

We identify the target company’s current impact performance and potential outcome related to the SDGs in a local or global context or other widely accepted societal goals. We use the Impact Management Project methodology combined with our proprietary rating model to assess how Trill Impact can support the company to reach its full impact potential.

Our goal is to formulate clear actions to achieve the impact vision. We also assess and address ESG risks and opportunities as well as Principle Adverse Impacts.



Prior to the acquisition, Trill Impact partners with management to develop and agree on an indicative Value Creation Impact Plan which includes preliminary KPIs for impact and ESG.

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After the acquisition, Trill Impact supports management in finalizing the Value Creation Impact plan. Meeting the impact and ESG targets will be linked to management’s incentives and typically to discounted financing interest rates.

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Trill Impact has a collaborative approach throughout the ownership phase, providing support, tools and expertise to accelerate, measure, and communicate impact and value creation. Impact and ESG performance are measured and reported regularly and leveraged in customer and other stakeholder communication.

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On divestiture, together with management, Trill Impact considers how the impact mission can be further developed with new ownership, part of our holistic impact approach.

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