ILT Education

Impactful edtech company

At a glance

Year of investment: 2021
Revenues 2020: SEK 150m
Number of employees 2020: 54
CEO: Jakob Skogholm
Board: Ulf Mattsson, Eola Runsten, Samir Kamal, Johan Lundén
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Impactful edtech company and market leading supplier of digital educational tools

ILT Education offers digital educational tools for schools and preschools, with a focus on audio and visual-assisted learning solutions for children and students with dyslexia, other cognitive needs or multilingual backgrounds. Its wide service offering, based on a SaaS business model, is available in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria and France. The company has historically had strong and consistent growth over the years with a high level of recurring revenues.

Return with Impact investment rationale

  • In Trill Impact's view, there is a clear value creation potential in scaling the impact and further accelerating product innovation.
  • Trill Impact sees significant potential in continuing to develop ILT Education from a local market leader to a larger international platform within digital education tools, in an industry benefitting from rapid structural growth. We believe the key impact and investment attractions include:
  • Accelerating access to equitable education for children and students with reading disabilities and multilingual backgrounds
  • Attractive SaaS business model based on longer term contracts
  • Very strong niche position in its core market with high Net Promotion Score and very low churn leading to high financial stability
  • Consistent growth with continued potential in Sweden via further market penetration (especially Polylino) and product offering extensions
  • Significant further growth opportunities for Polylino in recent entered markets (Finland, Norway, DACH and France), while selectively expanding into additional international markets

ILT Education’s societal solution

ILT Education is a highly impactful company addressing general European educational challenges and seeks to provide people equal opportunity to gain knowledge and access to information. The products are designed specifically for both young children and students with learning support needs and range from narrated audio versions of printed schoolbooks to multilingual and interactive digital support functions.

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    Societal challenges

    Falling PISA scores in most EU markets, >20% of students underachieving in reading, math and science, COVID-19 adding to the challenge

    Non-native students perform below average

    Majority of teachers lack knowledge of neuropsychiatric disabilities

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    SDG Contribution

    SDG # 5: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education. Promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

    SDG #10: Ensure equal opportunities, end discrimination, empower and promote inclusion of all

Jakob Skogholm, CEO of ILT Education: ¨I'm welcoming Trill Impact as the new majority owner of ILT Education where we together can create a true impact leader in Ed-Tech, accelerating our value proposition by measuring learning outcomes of students, increasing customer adoption and strengthening loyalty among our end-users and employees. This, combined with an ambitious growth agenda, makes me very excited about the outlook for the next few years.”