Microfinance in practice

Channeling microcredits to improve lives

We facilitate financial services to the Base of the Pyramid population

Microfinance targets people who are excluded or underserved by the mainstream financial system, since they generally lack a credit history and collateral which are requirements from lenders.

The purpose of a microcredit is to help an entrepreneur start a new company or expand an existing company. This way they have an opportunity to increase their income, which they can then in turn use to improve their personal circumstances. For example, the microentrepreneur's children can stay in school longer, the family has the means to access to better healthcare, improve their accomodation or perhaps even build a small savings buffer. These are all positive side-effects of microfinance, which the microentrepreneurs achieve through their own efforts. 

Trill Impact Microfinance's role is to facilitate the capital from our home markets to microfinance and inclusive finance institutions, thus providing the opportunity for people to access financial services that may otherwise have been unavailable.

This is how we contribute to financial inclusion!

Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are one of the strongest drivers of economic development, innovation and employment:

  • 131 million or 41% of formal MSMEs in developing countries have unmet financing needs
  • MSME finance gap in developing countries is estimated to be approximately US$5 trillion - 1.3 times the current level of MSME lending
  • Women-owned businesses comprise 23% of MSMEs and account for 32% of the MSME finance gap 
  • According to the World Bank, 1.7 billion adults worldwide lack a bank account 

Sources: SME Finance, Global Findex Database


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